“You’ve got red on you.”

Never before have I managed to be both so very indifferent towards and so bat shit crazy in love with a t-shirt. *shrug* Guess there’s a first time for everything…

So what brings forth such polar emotions? Well, while the base design of the shirt makes me go meh1, the fine folks at Seibei Industries will actually splatter and smear zombie blood2 all over your tee if you’d like them to. If you’re lucky, they might even include a hand print or two.

What’s more, they actually let you choose the level of gore that they apply to your tee before they ship it out. And that my friends, turns the shirt the from just okay to extremely fucking insipired — or at least it does in my book.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that they do all this for $14.00 and offer sizes up to 3XL? Because they do…

Update: For those of you who hate printing on the back of your tees — or loathe the fact that it mentions vampires — the gang over at Seibei will run the shirt off for you without it.

  1. Then again, they may have been trying to go for that goofy sort of softball league feel. *shrug*
  2. Actually, since zombies don’t exist — not yet at least — I’m pretty sure it’s fake blood. That makes it vegan friendly, Sean!

$14.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – 3XL , F: S – XL