Oh. Fuck. Yes.

I’ve been waiting to see this shirt printed for what seems like a freaking eternity — almost a year to be exact. But the last time I was pining for it and hoping to whatever god would listen that it would get printed, it was a Threadless submission. I’m not sure why they didn’t decide to run it, but since Josh from Go Ape put up the green to get it printed, I honestly don’t care what their reason was.

It also doesn’t hurt that I got sent a free one. To be perfectly honest tho, that really doesn’t play into things at all. I love this shirt so much I would have ran it even if I had to pay for it. Hopefully Josh isn’t kicking himself in the ass after reading that… ;)

P.S. It should also be mentioned that Go Ape’s other new tee, “Battle!” is really quite bad ass and worth buying too. If you’ve got a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket, you should totally look into blowing it with them. For serious, yo.

$18.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – 2XL, F: S – L