The end of last week was music centric — and now this week seems to be a bit movie obsessive. That’s the way things go, I guess.

In order for me to want to run a shirt where words are the main focus of the design, it has to change it up a bit. Orange Alexander‘s “Outlaw” does that by superimposing a very simple, grimacing Clint Eastwood over a snippet of dialogue from his Revisionist Western classic The Outlaw Josey Wales. If you’ve never seen that movie, take the time to go add it to your Netflix queue. Well, you know, so long as you can get into Westerns. Me, I’ve always been a little picky about which ones I like.

There are a couple other designs in this series, but this is really the one that stood out to me the most. And if neither of those work for you — or Westerns just aren’t your thing — there’s always OA’s cleverly executed Wii Death. It all depends on what you like, I guess…

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