Holy crap! Pardon me while I both lose my shit over the concept of using photochromic ink on a shirt and try to justify the $32.00 price tag to the cheapskates in the house who bitch when a tee is more than $15.00…

The folks over at I-Manifest are really onto something here with this awesome concept. If you didn’t follow and read over the wikipedia link above to find out what photochromic means, the purple printing on the shirt only shows up while you’re hanging out in the sun or under a light source that emits UV rays. So basically, the plants grow when you’re out in the sun… Seriously, how fucking cool is that?

I know this means you’ll have to venture outside to show the true potential of this bad boy off, but there’s some pretty cool stuff out there. Just trust me on this one. I wouldn’t try to steer you wrong, would I?

$32.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – XL