If smoke break is the new recess, my coworkers get about eight to ten recesses a day… Between that and the watching episodes of Family Guy and South Park all day while working, I’m surprised anything gets done. But actually, a lot of shit does get done. So maybe I shouldn’t complain.

Hell, I might even want to consider taking up smoking if it’ll make me as productive as those guys. I mean, not only do they watch videos while they work my coworkers also seem to have the time to tinker with their remote controlled toys and play foosball on top of the incessant smoke breaks that they take. I wonder what brand I have to smoke in order to do that.

Okay, I won’t actually go that far. Smoking is a dirty fucking habit. But I’m not the type to judge so however you want to kill yourself is your business. If anyone cares, I prefer to kill myself by way of strong drink. Preferably a good Irish whiskey or beer. The way I see it, extra livers are way easier to come by than spare lungs…

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