Damn. PopJunkie sure does make some pretty stuff. What’s more, they appear to like to take risks. I mean, this design would have probably looked totally awesome on a weathered blueish grey tee. But they went ahead and ditched the all too standard solid color for stripes — and as far as I’m concerned it’s made all the difference. What they’ve done is taken a great design and actually made it even more compelling. Not all shirts can do this, but the stars seem to have totally lined up on this one.

Crap. I’m gushing. Since I only review t-shirts I actually enjoy tho, that’s probably to be expected every once in a while. I try to keep that down to a minimum, but it just sort of creeps out occasionally. Still, this one is totally worth a closer look — even if you can’t afford it — to see what they did right.

$35.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – XL