Oh Entourage, you are pretty much my favorite show on TV right now. Well, other than The Office — but it’s on summer break. Every week I impatiently wait for the latest episode only to quickly consume it. Then once it’s over a meager half an hour later, I get sad. Not sad enough to go and write in my LiveJournal or anything, but still sort of remorseful that there isn’t any more.

Even if I can’t stand Walsh, I straight up love this shirt. Part of me wondered who was going to be first to market with their own renditions of this when I saw Billy saunter in wearing this — but it’s hard to say who the winner is since there’s half a dozen (if not more) shops that are trying to sell them now. Sure there are cheaper ones around, but I can vouch for Busted Tees. They’re not a fly-by-night sort of shop that might take your money and run. No sir. They’ll get you your shit in an orderly fashion.

Even if you don’t get the reference and generally take an anti-suit stance, you still might dig this shirt. For the ironic kids in the crowd, this would probably pair awesomely with a blazer. But me, I’m a fanboy. So I’ve got my reasons for liking this — and I’m sure the rest of y’all will have yours.

$14.99 | Credit | URL | M: S – 3XL