Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree, originally uploaded by boogah.

So I’m a little partial to this new tee from Go Ape for a couple reasons…

  1. I’m a gigantic Mac nerd — but most of you already knew that.
  2. I helped name this shirt.

That’s right, I had an extremely miniscule hand in the making of this tee. It’s not like I designed it or anything, but still…

In one of my many clandestine chats with Josh about a month back, he was showing me stuff he was working on getting put out when he showed me the design for the shirt above. As soon as I saw it, I quipped “What are you going to call that one — “Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree”? In response, Josh mentioned something about the design not having a name just yet, but the one I suggested was actually good enough to use. So he did. And here we are.

Okay, so it’s not really an awesome, inspiring tale or anything — but it is a cool tee. And I wouldn’t run it unless it was bad ass, would I? So there you go. If you’re a Mac fan, keep your eyes peeled for when it goes on sale either later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Update: So it turns out that I lied… The shirt apparently didn’t drop until Monday, August 13th. Sorry to have been such a cocktease, kids!