Have $8? Awesome! You can afford a shirt from the gang at the unfortunately punny NudaTees. While most of their shirts aren’t really my thing — sorry guys, I tend to go a little more artsy or minimalist — I do quite like TM.

Now I know I ran ThinkGeek’s IM In UR Blank tee a little over a month ago, but I swear that I’m not going to run any old fill-in-the-blank shirt I come across. Besides, this one is way different. For starters, I’m pretty sure the NudaTees folks didn’t even intend for anyone to actually write anything in there. I’m sure they wouldn’t stop you if you got a hold of a sharpie or your kid brother/sister’s Crayola washables to put something interesting in that rounded blank box. Then again, who am I to speak for other people?

Anyhow, the $8.00 price tag is a limited time deal — so if you like anything that they offer, you better get on it…

$8.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – 2XL, F: S – 2XL