For someone who never even got the chance to see them live during their extremely brief tenure mostly because Ian Curtis died when I was two I really love Joy Division quite a bit. So much so that my all-time favorite song is the inspiration for the tee I’m going to be talking about today.

Now when I say “all-time favorite”, I seriously mean it. I obsessively listen to this song or a semi-reasonable facsimile at least once a day. I’ve also considered getting the phrase tattooed somewhere on my person, something I don’t think about doing unless it means the world to me. You could say I’m a bit hardcore, I guess…

Anyhow, the concept is actually a pretty basic but very cool one. All the shirts have on them is nothing more than the running time and title of the song and that’s it. That might not fly for some of you, but I happen to really like the idea and execution here.

Now I could try to be impartial and talk about one of the other shirts Blanka offers they even have really clever Helvetica ones but most of you are already keen to the fact that I like to indulge my obsessions more than anything else. So despite the fact that they have similar shirts for Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, The Smiths, Public Enemy, New Order and AC/DC, I’ve gotta go with what I love. Y’all understand that, right?

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