Some of you might not agree with me — I’m sort of used to that tho — but ampersands are totally the new Helvetica.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, all the design blogs I’ve been keeping up with lately seem to have a gigantic boner for shirts, photo sets, blogs and sculptures involving the underappreciated ligature.

In fact, I could probably spend a week or two on all the rad ampersand shirts out there. But since I’m not really one for theme runs, I’ve decided to give a hat tip to the best of breed. House Industries has done a smash up job with this funky, hand lettering inspired tee. Minimal, but far from boring, this one’s sure to give you some proper design nerd cred.

Of course some of y’all might not need it — but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look wicked tight in your closet (or laundry basket) anyhow…

$26.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – 2XL, F: L