Fellow curmudgeons tired of people parroting catchphrases from movies and TV shows, unite! Let us band together and crush those without the mental capacity to come up with something funny on their own.

I’ve been guilty of this too, but I don’t lean on them like some other people do. Seriously, what makes people think that stringing together one-liner after one-liner counts as being funny? Being truly funny is about being original and bringing something new to the table. Unless you’re somebody like Carlos Mencia — but that dude’s not funny, so that’s sort of beside the point, isn’t it?

Even tho this tee from the venerable R. Stevens is a bit verbose, it’s managed to wrap up every last bit of disdain that I have for the folks who depend on other people’s work to make themselves seem interesting. If some of you actually tried being yourself for a change, you might find that it even manages to work better for you.

So here’s to the fall of the unoriginal! May they burn in whatever representation of Hell they believe in — like Wyoming…

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