I swear that I’m not going to make a habit out of running shirts that haven’t even been printed yet, but Sebastiaan de With’s Bricky is just too damn rad to not mention now.

Think of this as the t-shirt blogger equivalent of yelling “first” even if I did manage tostumble across it on Tumblr

The Mac nerds in the crowd might remember Sebastiaan’s fantastic Exploded Settings tee. If you don’t tho, that’s totally fine. This design is a celebration of the blue legos that show up in place of Flash content on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I, for one, hate Flash with a passion. If you follow me on Twitter, that’s really no secret. I earnestly want to see it stamped out by the likes of HTML5, CSS 3 and Apple’s assorted mobile products. So you can bet your ass that I’ll throw down $22.50 when this unassuming bad boy drops.