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Rated Rookie

Hot damn! It’s baseball season again! To be honest, I didn’t think that I’d ever be the sort of guy  Continue Reading »


Holy shit! I know that this tee is super fucking punny to the point of being completely absurd but  Continue Reading »

Gingham USA

As winter has given way to springtime here in Los Angeles, I’ve found that my thoughts have been drifting off  Continue Reading »


Oh, noble space monkeys… If anything in this world deserves a smoke, it’s you. You pierced the stratosphere to make  Continue Reading »

John Marley

Are you there Jah? It’s me, Ras Jason… While it may mostly appeal to the ironic hipster types, this shirt  Continue Reading »

I’ll Never Stop Pooping

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve sorta been ramping back up on regular posts by running shirts from some of my  Continue Reading »

I’m With @Stupid

Yeah, it’s a shirt from Threadless. Yeah, it’s going for full price. Yeah, it’s got a Twitter joke on it.  Continue Reading »


You know, for a software company, Panic has sure got some bad-ass swag. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the  Continue Reading »

My New Phone

While I’ve always had a bit of a soft-spot for the pixelated work of my favorite internet cartoonist, I’ve gotta  Continue Reading »

Obama vs. Zombies

Fucking epic. Those are the only two words that could possibly do this shirt any justice. I voted for Barry  Continue Reading »