If you were anything like me when you were young, you wanted to beat Ralph Macchio’s ass. Not because he was the Karate Kid, but for making you think that sanding a deck, waxing a car and painting a fence would teach you kung fu.

I spent the Summer of 1984 waxing, painting and sanding everything I could. I had grand aspirations… I was going to be the scrappy quiet kid who stood up against the school bully. When the big fight finally happened during the first week of school, I got my ass handed to me. On the upside, my parents house and car looked great.

As much as I hate “The Karate Kid” for pumping me full of false hopes, I do like this Cobra Kai tee. Even if “Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy.” does remind me of America’s foreign policy.

Update: Ryan Pitts notes that 80stees.com is also selling the shirt. You know, for those of you in the U.S. who don’t feel like paying for shipping from London…

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