I might feel a tad bit artsy-fartsy and pretentious for loving this Basquiat designed shirt from Gingham/2k, but to be honest I’m not going to get too caught up in it. I know what I like and I’m not going to apologize for it. And if you’ve read this site long enough, you should really know that by now.

Still, there’s just something about Basquiat’s take on the Ideal logo that gives me a warm and kind of sticky feeling in my pants. Maybe it’s because I have fond memories of playing Mouse Trap for hours on end — I tried so hard to make my setup look just like the one on the box that perhaps the logo managed to burn itself into my subconscious. *shrug* Who’s to say, really?

Whatever my reasons, it’s only seems fair for me to I balance out the lovely bargain that I posted earlier today with a much more indulgent — not to mention expensive — shirt. I actually didn’t plan it this way, honest. It’s just sort of how things happened.

P.S. So now that I have a bit more free time, I’m going to try to go back to running at least one shirt a day, Monday thru Friday. Maybe even two a day — like today — if you’re really, really lucky…

$32.00 | Credit | URL | M: S – XL