I can’t quite quantify exactly why I dig it, but there’s something about a faceless soldier wielding a bazooka and popping out of a TV that I rather enjoy.

Maybe it’s just so aesthetically pleasing that I feel the need to sing its praises. Or maybe I have some sort of predisposition towards this design from years of playing with GI Joe figurines. Whatever the case may be, I like it β€” and that alone covers my sole prerequisite for running a design here.

Then again, it is from Preshrunk favorite Red Labor β€” AKA Josh Bertrand and Dave Rau β€” and they’ve consistently turned out some pretty sweet designs in the past. It’d only make sense that I’d come back to them eventally…

Anyhow, Dave and Josh’s recently launched1 shop at Iron-On Resistance is full of extremely nice, well designed goodies if the color palette or military design on this shirt isn’t really your cup of tea. You will check them out, won’t you?

  1. At least I assume it’s recently launched. It looks like the paint is still a little fresh and there are some unfinished things laying about. But I have been gone for a little while, so who knows… *shrug*

$20.00 | PayPal | URL | M: S – XL