The word is out. There’s a new Star Trek in town. Well, there’s a new Star Trek… on the way. It’ll be in town in about a year and two months. But there can be no looking ahead without a bit of looking back. Here’s the series that started it all: The Original Series. It gave us so many wonderful one-liners. “Live long and prosper.” “I cannae change the laws of physics!” “It vas a Russian inwention. “Sorry, neither!” and “Beam me up, Scotty.” But while Star Trek imagined a vision of the future where Humanity only got better with age, does it seem to you like people have gotten dumber? Here’s a great shirt to wrap around your torso to express that angst. Personally, I’m pretty happy with our accomplishments. We may have a long way to go still, but we’ve come pretty far. Maybe all we need is a little help from a benevolent, pointy-eared alien race.

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