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One time, my mom sat me down in front of Star Trek so that the TV could babysit me for a bit and now I have a tattoo of the starfleet insignia on my arm, so thanks, mom!

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Mario Power

Let’s talk for a moment about how this chubby Italian plumber has the fitness to crush through brick blocks and  Continue Reading »

Hannah Barbara Returns

No one ever talks about the Hannah Barbara universe of superheroes anymore. That’s a shame. Wouldn’t it be great if  Continue Reading »

It’s always the quiet ones

You would never expect Doug Funny to be a sword-wielding, head-cutting, fast-healing mercenary with a smart mouth, would you? Wade Wilson  Continue Reading »

I’m just really hungry right now

Hey, man, it’s April 20th and I’ve got the munchies something fierce. Just pass me another piece of that pizza  Continue Reading »

A Stupid Man in the Apocalypse

Let’s make this a new thing we say: “You’re as safe as a stupid man during the zombie apocalypse.” Sound  Continue Reading »

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