You open the door to a small blue box and it turns out to be bigger on the inside. There are all kinds of switches and knobs and screens on a console in the center of the room. An insane wizard is swirling about the console, pushing buttons, flipping switches, turning knobs, all while talking to himself. Something about going back in time and saving some girl. He sees you and beckons you inside. “Well, come on, then, in or out!” he says, “We’ve got places to be!” What do you do?

I walk inside.

*rolls 1*

You stumble over the threshhold. The Doctor attempts to catch you, but leaves a knob unturned which causes an overload in the chameleon circuits and the TARDIS explodes, destroying the universe with it. Wrap this piece of cloth around your torso as a memento of what could have been.

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