You can’t please everybody. Even with a show as great as the Muppets, you’re still going to run into a couple of guys who heckle it from the balcony. But maybe that’s part of what makes the show that great! By acknowledging and embracing its flaws, the Muppets proved that they’re just as aware of its own absurdity as the rest of the people watching it. And that endears it to the audience. So, in effect, Statler and Waldorf were the cherry on top of the sundae. The bright-red shining orbs of criticism that, despite all efforts, actually made the show better by their presence. So, hate on, haters! Your sarcastic puns and refusal to leave despite your objections only heighten the entertainment of the viewing audience! Maybe next time you’ll be bold enough to actually stand in the spotlight instead of cowering in your safe, detached balcony of meta-criticism!

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